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Danielle Said:

I have been meaning to write a review for DPS Realty for quite awhile. I am on my third go around with Dale and I would never even consider using anyone else! Dale knows everything about everything when it comes to real estate, the market, even loans/lenders and types of loans. I used him to buy my first home, then a couple years later I used him to sell it. We are now using Dale to buy our next home. What he did for us in selling is way beyond what ANY real estate agent I have ever heard of has done for their clients. Furthermore, Dale and his son, Ben are also complete experts on everything concerning anything when it comes to building, fixing and remolding houses. Both Ben and Dale did work on my last house when we were getting ready to sell and their work is flawless, they laid tile in my bathroom and it was like artwork! My only regret was that I was selling the house and knew that someone else was going to get to enjoy the beautifully remodeled bathroom. Dale is also an absolute expert in what sells a house! It is nothing less than remarkable what he did for my husband and I in selling our last house and the financial profits we gained in using him to sell our house is what has not only allowed us to pay off ALL our credit card debt but to have an extremely nice down payment for our next house that we are now shopping for.

I can’t believe I didn’t start with this but you will NEVER find a more honest real estate agent than Dale! I tend to be rather paranoid of people and often find myself thinking that people are just in it for money and that they don’t really care. This is the absolute opposite of Dale. When it comes to Dale I find myself thinking that he deserves a lot more financially due to the amount of work he puts into ensuring that his clients are well taken care of and that their best interest is always of the utmost importance. HE IS MOST DEFINITELY, WITHOUT DOUBT, THE REAL ESTATE GOOD DOER! I’m a die-hard loyal customer for life!


Ray and Paula Said:

We were very happy with Dale Daugherty in the selling of a home and the purchase of a home. He is very professional and conscientious. He was attentive to due dates so we didn’t feel we had to worry about dropping the ball anywhere. But I think what we appreciated the most was that Dale “knows” houses because he has remodeled so many and was able to offer good general advice.


Mike Said:

Dale listened to what I wanted and responded in the right way. He is trustworthy, knowledgeable and worked hard for me, which made my home buying experience painless. Dale was highly professional and earned his commission.

I highly recommend DPS Realty.


Kevin Said:

“I was very pleased with DPS Realty and Dale Daugherty. I was looking for a home in a certain price range and one in which I could remodel and do most of the repairs. Dale’s experience and expertise in remodeling homes was an invaluable bonus in the home-buying process, one which stands out above most realtors.”